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Eu Stage V Tier 4 Final Series

EU Stage V / Tier 4 Final Series

Eu Stage Iii Tier 3 Series

EU Stage III / Tier 3 Series

Eu Stage Ii Tier 2 Series

EU Stage II / Tier 2 Series

Tewatt High Pressure Series

TEWATT High Pressure Series


Water Well Drilling

Water Well Drilling

  • Well, geothermal industry generally use diesel portable air compressor, which demands large displacement, high pressure, moving frequently.
  • Working conditions: most working locations are in the cold weather, higher altitude, and bad environment place.
  •  Air compressor displacement is generally from 21m3/min to 35m3/min, displacement from 18kg/cm2 to 35kg/cm2, drilling hole diameter between 100mm and 400mm.
Mining Industry

Mining Industry

  • There are usually quarries, iron ore, copper, coal fields etc. in mine industry, mainly diesel portable air compressor are used for drilling and blasting.
  • Working conditions: generally remote mountainous areas with high dusty and poor fuel quality. Cold weather in the north is longer, some of high altitude, common diesel engines are difficult to adapt.
  • Air compressor used for smaller holes directional blasting usually with the discharge pressure of 10kg/cm2-14kg/cm2, displacement 21m3/min, this model is one machine with multi-drills, aperture diameter between 50-80mm. For large holes of mountain explosion, then the air compressor used will be of 24kg/cm2, 30m3/min, driving two sets of hydraulic drills of 115 -120mm, which can work with 1,000 meters of shale and 300 meters of limestone.
Oilgas Field Drilling

Oil and Gas Industry

  • The oil industry generally use the air compressor for oil exploration, drilling, drive drilling equipment, pipeline cleaning, cementing, drill bits etc. Working environment is generally in the hot desert, this requires the equipments to be of good heat dissipation and dust proof ability. Offshore oil exploration and drilling demand the equipments of strong moisture & corrosion resistant, stable performance, no leakages.
  • Oil exploration, drilling industry need high pressure air compressor with large displacement.Some projects use multiple units in parallel .


  • Subways, tunnels, bridges, utilities and other infrastructure construction industry demand air compressor with large displacement but not high pressure.
  • Some use the electric stationary model, electric portable model, and diesel portable air compressor, the exhaust pressure is between 8kg/cm2-18kg/cm2, displacement from 10m3/min-180m3/min.
  • Heavy dust at the construction site, long continuous operation time, parallel operation needed frequently, as well as economy operation be required.

Ship Repair

  • Air compressor is mainly used for sand-blasting and pipe pressure test in Ship repair industry.
  • Working conditions: general operations at the seaside, high humidity, strong corrosive, heavy dust, and demand of flexible mobility.
  • Diesel portable air compressor is generally used with pressure from 8kg/cm2-12kg/cm2, displacement between 21m3/min-30m3/min.
  • With fuel price rising all the time, many shipyard use electric air compressor instead, but they need to well plan the arrangement of the power cables.
  • With extremely low temperatures in Winter in shipyard from North China, cold start of diesel engine is required, With high temperatures in Summer from Southern shipyard, high thermal performance is requirements to the air compressors.
  • Shipyard has high requirements on the air compressor’s safety and environmental performance, too.

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EU Stage V - Tier 4 Final Series
Technical Specification
EU Stage III - Tier 3 Series
Technical Specification
EU Stage II / Tier 2 Series
Technical Specification
TEWATT High Pressure Series Series
Technical Specification

TEWATT Diesel air compressors/engine compressors are equipped with high efficiency TEWATT two stage
air-ends. Its unique design combined with the most traditional and latest technology. It adopts Cummins
engine, with strong power, long term stability, low consumption and global warranty. Tewatt diesel air
compressors always meet the operation requirements in extremely high & low temperature, heavy dust, high
altitude environment. Suitable for water well drilling, geothermal air drilling, oil & gas exploration, pipeline
pressure testing, mining & DTH drilling and so on areas .

Features&Benefits :

  • Tewatt Screw Air-end Super rotor, low speed (5 years/10000 hours warranty)
  • Fuel Efficient Cummins engine .
  • Tewatt Intelligent Controller, optional GPS/GPRS remote control & monitoring with Continuously Variable
  • Transmission (CVT) full running system.
  • Safe and Reliable Air Filter &Intake System .