Get Air Suspension feel with ARC suspension. Minute vibrations to uncomfortable jolts will be gone for good. We do not just provide suspensions; we provide an experience with it. Custom designed specifically for every vehicle individually.Benefits:
  • Increased Stability even at high speeds and tricky terrain.
  • Better Acceleration.
  • Increased Traction and grip
  • Reduced Shakiness on Steering wheel.
  • Reduced body roll/sway by reducing unnecessary upward movement, which creates bumpy/bouncy ride conditions.
  • Enhanced Breaking – Prevents uneven braking even in emergency situations. Skidding while braking will reduce and increased steering control. Vehicle will stop in less time and distance.
  • Brake efficiency will increase making brake pads last longer.
  • Tyre life shall increase drastically. Uneven caster/camber wear and tear will reduce.
  • Specially designed and tuned to withstand Indian Road conditions while providing optimum comfort.
What you will feel as an experience with our products.
  • Elder family members will have better experience, as back-pain will reduce due to better cabin balance. The jolts and vibrations will be filtered to improve your travelling experience.
  • Reduced Interior noises, over time your interior parts develop a play due to unfiltered vibrations resonating directly in the cabin.
  • Vomiting and motion sickness will reduce a lot for those who can not withstand travelling longer distances.
  • Passengers will be able to sleep better.
  • Women in pregnancy will have more ease while travelling. Afterall the baby needs utmost care.
  • Better suspension will have you drive at high speeds without feeling the vibrations. Fun Fact – Our Customers have broken speed limits unknowingly after installing our suspensions. High Speed will be less felt.
Warranty Shock Absorbers 40,000km/1Year , Composite Leaf Springs 1,00,000km/1yearDo Not worry about the life of the product, we have literally driven around like a maniac while testing the product. Our Suspensions will not hurt any adrenaline lovers.Tried and Tested by ARC in rough driving conditions, So you can drive without any worries over any types of roads with complete confidence.

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